sexta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2008

Sightseeing in Salvador

- Walking on the streets of the Historical District of Salvador is like being taken back to the ancient times of Brazilian history. See the first fort that was built at the entrance point of the bay of All Saints to protect the city from an attack. Visiting the city center is a must for anyone staying in Salavado da Bahia.

- Spend a day admiring the scenery of Salvador da Bahia and its beaches. Explore the Barra Lighthouse, Ondina, Praia de Piatã and Lagoa do Abaeté.

- There is no better way to experience a city by night! See an authentic Afro-Brazilian culture show and the traditional forms of Capoeira - the fight, the game and the dance.

- There is much more to do in Salvador. I will keep adding nice things to do and if anybody has a suggestion, please let us know, and leave it on the blog.

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